Project Tiger

An in depth look at the Tiger population through data. Enjoy!

About Project Tiger

Tiger populations have declined steadily for over 100 years, 2015 was the first time we have seen the population take a turn in a positive direction.

Here at Project Tiger you will find out the population trends in the recent decades, the main causes for tiger deaths, what countries are doing to protect and how you can personally help.

Scroll down to see the tigers story through data maps and graphs. Enjoy!

Tiger population difference between 2010 & 2016

Choose a year in the drop down to reveal a map detailing the tigers population in each country. Hover your mouse over each country to see exactly the numbers of tigers in that region.

Poaching Data

Choose a country to see Tiger vs Leopard recorded poaching incidents. Tiger incidents match or over take the leopard incidents. Leopards wild population clocks in at 250,000 in the wild, while the tigers wild population sits right under 3,900. The data was compiled by Charlotte Davies at Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

Poaching Heat Map

Here is a look at where the tiger poaching incidents occurred. The data is compiled from 1999 -2016 by Charlotte Davies at Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

How You Can Help

You can adopt a tiger through the World Wild Life organization. The WWF has a great Tiger program that is credible. Check out their website here.